The Dominance of Technology in the 21st Century


There is no doubt that technology is about to or has almost dominated all the affairs of human lives. It started like a child born into the world and gradually metamorphosed from sitting to crawling, standing to moving one step after another to running and overtaking, as though competing with the human in an athletic field for gold medals. It has been a relay race of passing the baton from one person to another.

The history of technological development is often referred to as the different generations of computing devices. A generation refers to the State of improvement in the product development process. This term is also used in the various advancements of new computer technology. The circuitry has gotten smaller with each new generation and more advanced than the previous generation before it. As a result of the miniaturization, speed, power, and computer memory have proportionally increased. As a result, discoveries are constantly being developed that affect the way we live, work, and play.

Each generation of computers is characterized by significant technological development that fundamentally changes the way computers operate, increasing smaller, cheaper, more powerful, and more efficient and reliable devices.

Globalization and other trends in today’s society claim more flexibility in time and space, in working life and private life. At the same time, information communication technologies offer opportunities for its realization. The borders between activities made for paid work and activities performed for other purposes are dissolved by the increased use of different technological tools. For example, a personal cell phone in your pocket gives friends and family access to you almost wherever you are, even at the workplace.


Computers are used in education because they can offer interactive experiences, enhanced learning, and cognitive development. Teachers use computers to research for teaching materials, participate in online forums and online conferences, and aid their teaching. Students use computers as a reference tool, and they use computers to browse the internet to look for information at the snap of the finger. Researchers use computers to collect and process data. Finally, school administrators use computers for administrative purposes to make sure that the entire operations run smoothly.


In the banking industry, computers are the nerve center of the banking system worldwide. It functions to control the entire banking system that also includes electronic banking services.


In Industries, computers are used to facilitate production planning and control systems, support chain management, and help in product design in the industrial sector. Employees use the machine that is connected to computers to operate. In some productions, robots are used to handle most jobs that are dangerous to workers’ lives.


E-commerce helps in boosting the economy. It makes buying and selling activities more accessible, more efficient, and faster for this application. Therefore, computers, the internet, and shared software are needed.

During primitive life, it took a long time for any news or message to be sent. Now, with the internet, news or letters are sent via email to friends, business partners, or anyone efficiently with bandwidth, broadband, and connection speed on the internet. Any information can travel fast and in an instant. Thus, it saves time and is inexpensive.

A famous study was coined at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1956 by John McCarthy on artificial intelligence, a branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans. This artificial intelligence includes game playing, expert systems, natural language, neural networks, and above all, robots. That is programming computers to see and hear and react to other sensory stimuli; performance of surgery, quicker and more efficient way of diagnosing illness and massaging machines.

The impact of technology cannot be debated or overemphasized, but not without its challenges of being overused by humans, which has become a snare to their lives. Over-dependence led to laziness among many people to carry out certain functions that had stagnated brain, strength, and energy useless because over-reliance on the sweet honeycomb advanced speedy technology around us.

Even though we are experiencing the dominance and enjoying the impact of technology in the 21st-century era, wise usage can be more beneficial to health. For whatever is sweet is also bitter! Let us avoid addiction and regulate use.


  • Ojang Clement is a freelance writer specializing in short stories, poems, and articles in Events, Art and Entertainment, Health, Education, Interviews, Nightlife, Real Estate, Sport and Recreation, Technology, and Tourism.

Ojang Clement

Ojang Clement is a freelance writer specializing in short stories, poems, and articles in Events, Art and Entertainment, Health, Education, Interviews, Nightlife, Real Estate, Sport and Recreation, Technology, and Tourism.

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