Covid-19 Impact on Higher Education


It was a wave of anxiety, surprise, agitation, disappointment, discouragement, shocks, and disbelief at the sudden emergence of the global pandemic outbreak. The COVID – 19 outbreak led to the closedown of Academic activities and disrupting learning globally.

 Many families worldwide feel the severe short-term disturbances; home learning is a colossal shock to parents’ productivity and children’s social life and learning.

Teaching is moving online on an untested and unprecedented scale. Student assessment is also flying online, with a lot of trial and error and uncertainty for everyone. This interruption will not only be a short-term issue. However, it can also have a long-term implication and impact on all Universities and colleges. It will take the educational system ten steps backward to gain their stamina back on the formal traditional academic calendar. It has altered the previous. Therefore, policymakers had to go back to their drawing board to sketch a new academic calendar.


 Globally, many countries have decided to close down the schools, colleges, and tertiary institutions. Universities and college communities are an arena where students live, study closely together, share things in common, and fraternize together daily.

 Recently, the foundation of that bond between students and higher education has been severely impacted by the rapid spread of the Covid-19 outbreak, creating skepticism regarding higher education.

 The concern question that needs to be asked is: how long will this last?

There was a sudden closure of gates of Institutions and colleges across the world in response to the spreading Covid-19 outbreak.

 As a result of the lockdown, some higher institutions quickly moved from the age-long traditional face-to-face teaching method to virtual learning.

 The covid-19 pandemic has affected higher education all around the world. The closure of the schools meant that administrators of higher education had to come up with strategies to ensure that learning continues during the lockdown. As the period of the total lockdown extended, more Universities and colleges quickly Cameleon to online teaching. Both the teachers and the students had to adapt swiftly to a new Education model. They were trained virtually on how to use distance learning tools.

Teachers and students face challenges in adapting to online classes and maintaining minimal communication to support learning and development. Switching dramatically to remote learning within short notice was difficult, especially in most developing countries where advanced technology is not fully integrated into the educational system.


 Border closure in most countries such as Australia and New Zealand and no offline intake has hugely Impacted the number of Indian students applying to those countries. At such a time, the UK and Canada are two countries that are reporting gains in intakes.

 International students have also been given the option of deferring their entries to January 2022 if the Covid-19 situation does not allow them to start their programs in August 2021.


 Although non-immigrant travelers are not permitted to enter most countries, and some have approved specific conditions and exceptions for such travelers.

India remains in the UK’s “red list” of countries, and if students are planning to travel to the UK, it is never going to be an easy one.

Travel visas to London are currently on hold, and travelers must have a long-term visa to visit the Uk.

Even with a long-term visa, travelers cannot directly fly into the country. However, they must take a flight from any country in the UK’s green list, and such travelers must also have spent at least ten days quarantine in a “green list” country.

Travel restrictions to and from China have also helped in slowing down the spread of the Covid-19.

A covid-19 survey by the Institution of International Education (IIE) reported that 830 Chinese students have been unable to return to the US to continue their studies in the US alone. Chinese students make up 33.7 percent of the foreign student population, while Indian students comprise 18.4 percent.


 Families are central to education and are widely agreed to provide major inputs into a child’s learning (Bjorklund and Salvanes 2020). Global home school learning will produce some inspirational moments, Some angry moments, some fun moments, and some frustrating moments. It seems very unlikely that it will, on average, replace the learning lost from school. Nevertheless, the critical point is that: there will likely be substantial disparities between families in the extent to which they can help their children learn.

 It is tough to help these children learn something that even parents and guidance may not comprehend.


 The sudden closure of Schools, Colleges, and Universities has not only interrupted the educational system worldwide. The closure also coincides with a critical assessment period, and many Exams have been canceled or postponed.

 Notably, the lockdown of the Universities and Colleges not only affects internal assessments.

In the UK, for example, all exams for the main public qualification -GCSEs and A levels have been canceled; which was similar action around the world (Simon Burgess and Hans Henrik Sievertsen).


 The Covid-19 pandemic may severely impact the academic pursuit of the final year graduates. They have experienced a significant setback in teaching in the final part of their studies. They are experiencing major altercation in their assessment. They are likely to graduate at the beginning of a major global downturn.


 Most famous Universities and Colleges did not prepare for any contingency that may affect education in the future, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the management teams of most Institutions provided guidance and support to ensure that learning activities continued and students can be lectured and assessed online.


 Most universities and Colleges involved in online teaching provide students with learning materials, pre-recorded videos, and online remote lectures.

Management systems and Communications apps, platforms, and websites such as Edmondo, canvas, Zoom, Google Classroom, and Microsoft teams allow people to set up virtual videos and audio conferencing, webinars, lectures, live chats, screen sharing at work, school, and with family and friends.

Course materials and pre-recorded lectures are prepared and sent to the students via email, uploaded to learning software, and sometimes sent to the student WhatsApp groups.

The management team in most institutions tries to ensure that the quality of teaching is maintained and appropriate methods that address some of the limitations of remote teaching. Essay, presentation, reports, quizzes, assessment are some of the coursework-related activities adopted. In contrast, most assessments are virtual multiple-choice questions and oral examinations.

Undoubtedly, the global lockdown of higher learning institutions resulting from COVID-19 will cause a significant setback to education.

The immediate solution is that the schools and the education industry will need resources to recuperate from the loss suffered when they reopen fully again.


  • Ojang Clement is a freelance writer specializing in short stories, poems, and articles in Events, Art and Entertainment, Health, Education, Interviews, Nightlife, Real Estate, Sport and Recreation, Technology, and Tourism.

Ojang Clement

Ojang Clement is a freelance writer specializing in short stories, poems, and articles in Events, Art and Entertainment, Health, Education, Interviews, Nightlife, Real Estate, Sport and Recreation, Technology, and Tourism.

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